the calm before the storm, cooper van buren. personification of tradition.

Off to the races | Thayer + Cooper

Cooper stepped out into the cool night air hugging his jacket to his body as he kicked a pebble on the driveway waiting for Thayer to arrive. He was actually glad to step outside of the estate since he did not feel he had given himself the chance to get to know the area yet. Usually, perhaps his first thought would have been to invite Vivian or Adam, but he didn’t know Thayer like he knew them, and if he was going to get to know some of the town, he might as well get to know someone new as well.

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    "Nah, my smooth talk is great. I’m just not trying as hard as I could, one foot in the door, one foot out, you know?"...
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    "I guess that’s good to know." He said slightly uncomfortable with the notion yet trying to seem unfazed by it. "I guess...
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